Why You Should Come To Bali Silent Retreat

Why Go To a Silent Retreat?

In my spiritual quest for Truth and Ultimate Reality, I fly out twice a year to silent meditation retreats in Bali and India. Teachers and gurus led and spoke at these retreats to help students step back from the outside and go more deeply within. A silent retreat is that golden time of withdrawal from the world and everyday life to a place of sanctuary. It allows devotees to reconnect with self and God through silence.

When the pandemic struck in 2020 and all travel halted, I improvised and went in silence for seven days. I listened to audios and read books so I could continue to be guided by teachings in between meditations. The home-bound substitute while still around family members did not compare to bringing oneself to isolation. Where could I go away and feel supported in my intentions without flying out of Bali?

Then I found Bali Silent Retreat.

Mount Batu Karu from our bungalow

I first came to Bali Silent Retreat alone in April 2022, and with my partner four months later in August of the same year. My practice took on a whole new level during my times here.

Surrounded by UNESCO protected rice terraces at the base of the holy Mount Batu Karu, Bali Silent Retreat welcomes all, regardless of age, gender, or faith. Those seeking refuge from the busyness of daily routine check in here. All they require is silence.

Discover Yourself

Unlike most retreats of seated meditation marathons, Bali Silent Retreat empowers each one to make this retreat their own. No teacher imparts words to assimilate. Instead, the guru within is cultivated and the wisdom of your Hridaya (spiritual heart, your soul) emerges.

What I particularly love about Bali Silent Retreat is the obvious care and very thoughtful details that serve anyone’s intentions.  An octagon bale facing Mount Batu Karu holds yoga classes twice daily. It hosts agni hotra (fire ceremony) at sunset every full and new moon. One can choose to participate in them, or not. The bale, adorned at the center and in every corner with quartz crystals, can be used any time outside of classes for one’s own practice.  

Meditate with the breath while walking slowly through the labyrinth—also surrounded by quartz crystals—with prayer cards from seven spiritual traditions to choose from. Sit and feel refreshed as water from a holy spring pours out of a bamboo pole over the head.

The day can be spent walking in contemplation through the rice fields and learning about herbs and plants at the medicine garden. A jungle path leads to a river and a crying bench. Alone here, any wounded heart can open and heal to the sounds of the river stream. The space feels vast, open, unbridled, yet respectful. If you should come across another person, whether staff or a retreat goer, the silence remains.

Their lodge where they serve meals has an extensive library on the third floor with outstanding panoramic views. Reading books can easily fill your time, so can colouring, or simply watching birds and squirrels play in the jungle.

Bali Silent Retreat’s Lodge

Vegetarian meals taste fresh, delicious and vary day to day. Lunch features a healthy salad station that nourishes the body. There is something for everyone, whether vegan, gluten-free, or not. The kitchen angels never fail to surprise and delight. Free-flowing lemon water and ginger tamarind juice accompany healthy snacks of home-made cookies, nuts, and cassava chips. Freshly picked herbs and leaves from the garden sit in recycled glass bottles at their tea station.

When the day is over, watch the sunset from their History House as the sun kisses the land good night. Cleanse the mind and emotions with your “I’m Sorry” notes thrown into a fire pit and lay down amongst the gardens to be showered with starlight.

Takeaways From Bali Silent Retreat

Their ethos of eco-friendly, organic, and sustainability resonate in all areas. They show you how to segregate waste and recycle compost, paper, plastic, and bottles into useful household items. One can easily emulate these and live with intent upon one’s return.

What I miss the most is being absorbed in Nature, from the pregnant silence of the holy mountain to the melody of rustling trees and creatures. This quietude springs forth creative inspiration, higher wisdom, and inner peace.

My time at Bali Silent Retreat was never enough, and I will definitely be coming back.

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